Sports-Ken Petrie

Ken Petrie


By Rosey Bateman

Kenneth Wayne James Petrie was born July 11, 1946 in Stratford, Ontario. In 1957 when he was 11, he and his family moved to Cobourg. In 1972 they moved to Furnace Street across from Memorial Arena where he eventually worked for many years.

During a month-long visit from his grandfather one summer, Ken learned to play ball which sparked a life-long love of sports. He was an avid bowler as well early in his life.



Kenneth Wayne James Petrie was born in Stratford, Ontario, July 11, 1946. He moved to Cobourg in 1957, with his family. Ken unselfishly devoted much of his adult life to minor sports in Cobourg. These included the Cobourg Church Hockey League, the Legion Minor Softball Association and the Cobourg Baseball Association. At the age of 19, he was recruited by Layton Dodge to volunteer with the Cobourg Church Hockey League (CCHL) as an assistant coach. This began a lifelong tenure with the organization until they moved to the Cobourg Community Centre, in 2011.



Paul Currelly was born in Port Hope, Ontario on September 3, 1926. He moved to Cobourg in 1952 and resided there until his death in 2004. Paul was an all-around athlete and played basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, football and was a crosscountry runner.

Sports-Haldimand Twp 1900's

Early Haldimand

By Jack Kernaghan – written by Doug Johnson approx. 2010

During the 1930’s, before the war started, the East Northumberland Baseball League was in operation and consisted of four teams – Grafton, Colborne, Brighton and Warkworth. Members of the Grafton team included Jim McMahon, Jack Reymes, Harry Landymore, Max Smith, Hart Immel, Harold Sabins, Lloyd Sabins, Ed Lawless, Roy Goody, Chick Cochrane, Jerry Simmons, and Walter Johnston. Grafton games were played in Rogers Field which was located on the west side of the existing ball field.

School-CCI 2014-2020

Cobourg C.I.

Emerging in 2014 as the newly amalgamated public high school in Cobourg, Cobourg Collegiate Institute (CCI) has brought together the rich athletic histories of the former Cobourg District Collegiate Institute East and Cobourg District Collegiate Institute West schools.  Moving from medium sized “AA” schools (between 500-900 students) to a larger AAA school (1150 students in 2020), C.C.I. offers its students an extensive selection of sports teams, with the continued pride and success that was enjoyed by the former East and West schools.  



Layton Dodge was born in Cobourg on March 4, 1937, to parents, William and Kathleen. After high school, Layton joined the staff of the Cobourg Sentinel Star as sportswriter and publisher until his final column on October 8, 1996. In between, Layton covered most sports in Cobourg and the surrounding communities with love, diligence, integrity and honesty.