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Patron Donor Program 

Support a comprehensive history of local sport
Each year we launch a sustaining fund campaign to help finance the important work of preserving, celebrating and showcasing the history of sport in the area of Cobourg and central Northumberland. Learn more about this important archival work and how you can be a part of preserving the sport history of our communities. 

Why Donate
Without the Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame, our communities would struggle in being able to tell multimedia stories regarding the history of sports in our area. It is through these stories that the next generation of athletes may find the motivation to pursue a sport, and thereby create future provincial, national and international heroes. 

How Your Contribution Will Help
The Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame is the most comprehensive collection of local sports memorabilia and stories you will find. It covers most athletic disciplines as well as the unique and oft-times forgotten stories of sports, athletes, builders and sporting events since the establishment of our communities. Sports has played and continues to play, a very important role in shaping the history of Cobourg and surrounding communities. In order to continue to tell these stories, we require financial backing to support the Hall of Fame and its outreach goals. 

Planned Giving 

Maximize the impact of your donation
In recent years, Planned Giving has become a very popular method of donating to the charity of your choice. Planned Giving is when a charitable gift is made in such a way that you maximize the tax and estate planning benefits. 

The gift may be a one-time donation, a series of payments over a set period, or ongoing support. There are many Planned Giving options donors can use to support the Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame (CDSHF). Consultation with your financial advisors will determine which method is the best choice for each individual donor. 


More Details 

We are an organization completely supported through community donations. You can currently donate to our operating budget via cheque or e-transfer 

To send a cheque, please make it out to: Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame and send cheque to: 

Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 45, Stn Main,
Cobourg, ON   K9A 1M8 

To send an e-transfer please use e-mail address   In the message area please state if the donation is in memory of someone and the name of the person.

Thank you sincerely!


If you have any items that you would like to Add or Share with the CDSHF, please use the WEBSITE FEEDBACK Form located HERE to share your stories and upload items of interest.