Skiing-Northumberland Forest Ski Club

N.Forest Ski Club poster

The ski club (NFSC), located in the heart of the Northumberland Forest on Highway #45, came into existence in September, 1945. Before the establishment of the NFSC, locals went skiing on the hills around town (Cobourg). They would hike up, ski down, and do it all over again. Two popular locations were on Elgin Street East, (east of where the depot was built, on the north side) and on the back side of Creighton Heights hill.

Skiing-Camborne Village Ski Club

Camborne Village Ski Hill

The Camborne Village Ski Club, owned by Pat and Carol Doyle, was originally located on Smylie Road, east of the village of Camborne in Hamilton Township and operated at this location for the 1962-63 and 1963-64 skiing season.

Pat Doyle, a bricklayer by trade, found an article in a magazine on how to build a rope tow using a Pontiac car motor. Putting his mechanical skills to use, Pat soon had a rope tow ready to operate. He and Carol prepared the hill for skiers by putting on their skis and side stepping on the hill to pack the snow down.