Horse Racing

Harness Racing-Gord Sherwin Part 1

G Sherwin w-horse

Gordon Keith Sherwin
The Horseman - Part 1 of 3 - By Gary May

Reprint Chapter 8 from “A Life Well Travelled” ‘The Story of Gordon Keith Sherwin’
Permission of Publisher ‘Your Story Publishing’ 2010 – Windsor, ON

Racing standardbred horses can be a dangerous sport. Gord Sherwin has had his share of injuries over the years, from having both shoulders separated, to breaking his leg. And there have been plenty of close calls, like the time he was tossed over a racetrack hub rail.

Harness Racing-Grasshopper Flats

Grasshopper Flats

By Jay Sherwin

Cliff Hie had a homebred colt that showed him promise as a race horse. The colt’s name was Thor Gratton. Thor Gratton was a special breed, a harness horse, a horse that was steered by a driver in a light cart that trailed the horse, not ridden under saddle. It was the late 1940s and Cliff, a farmer and owner of Hieland Farm just north of Cobourg, had caught the bug of harness horse racing. Cliff was not unique.



The Ito family arrived to Canada in 1910. Don Ito was born on August 16, 1937, in Ocean Falls, British Columbia. In 1941 he moved with his family to Cobourg. Don was an outstanding all-around athlete. He was an exceptional skater and played the 1956-57 and 1957-58 seasons with the Peterborough Stoney’s Junior B team. In the early 1960s, Don competed in drag racing at the Shannonville race track, taking home many trophies with his 1962 Chevy 409 Impala.