Ross Quigley Youth in Sport Award


The award was created to honour the memory of the Founder of the Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame (CDSHF). Ross Quigley was a well-rounded athlete competing in several sports. He was a well-rounded student but not a scholar. He loved all aspects of his community and demonstrated so with his involvement and volunteerism.

Annually, two students, not of the same gender, meeting the criteria, will be chosen to receive $1000 each. The Award is intended to support the student athlete by recognizing and rewarding their athletic, academic and community achievement and involvement through financial assistance to further their education.

Students residing in Cobourg, the Townships of Hamilton, Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe or Alderville First Nation (the CDSHF catchment area) and attending a school in Northumberland County are eligible to apply. Criteria may be changed from time to time. The most recent application forms will be available from school guidance offices and online at



  • Is a graduating OSSD student
  • Is residing in the CDSHF catchment area and attending a school in Northumberland County
  • is active in school, community or higher sports activities as athlete, coach, official or supporter
  • will be continuing their academics through, university, college, apprenticeship or other post-secondary institution and will show proof of acceptance for the fall of their graduating year
  • is an active participant/volunteer in the school’s community and the greater area community
  • will provide a reference statement
  • will provide a personal statement of a significant personal achievement and importance to you
  • is available to attend the Award ceremony (CDSHF Inductee Dinner) and agrees to attendee publicity

Application Process:

Completed applications with attachments must be submitted digitally no later than Monday May 1, 2023 at 12 noon to .

Cheque to be presented to winner upon proof of registration


Cobourg and District Sports Hall of Fame

P.O Box 45

Cobourg, ON   K9A 1M8





Part A: Personal Data

Applicant’s Full Name:   _________________________________________________________

Current Address: ________________________________________________________________

Town: _________________________ Postal Code:  __________ Phone #:  _________________

E-mail:   ______________________________     Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):  _____________

Parent or Guardian Name:  ________________________________  Phone #:  _______________

Secondary School Presently Attending:    ____________________________________________

Other Secondary Schools Attended (years) ___________________________________________

Grade Average:  ________    High School Volunteer Hours earned: ___________

Proof of post-secondary acceptance for 2023-2024 (university, college, apprenticeship etc) will be

attached including program of study: ______________


On separate sheets of paper, please provide the following statements:

Part B: Personal Statement: Please tell the committee what you consider to have been your most significant personal achievement and why it is important to you. (500 – 800 words)

Part C: Reference Statement: Please have a non-family member reference complete this section.

Reference: Please provide the selection committee with letter of reference/support for the applicant.  Be sure to include how long you have known the student and the sports that they have played.  Feel free to include why you think the applicant is a worthy CDSHF Ross Quigley Youth in Sport Award candidate.


Part D - Athletic & Community Involvement

Please read this section carefully before beginning. If you need to use an additional sheet, please organize it in this manner.

Secondary School Athletics Please Organize by Sport


Age Group


Role (Player/Captain)























Athletic Leadership Coaching, Officiating, Athletic Associations


Age Group


Role (Player/Captain)























Community Athletics Since Beginning Secondary School     Please Organize By Sport


Age Group


Role (Player/Captain)























Community Volunteer Work / Involvement in local organizations






Individual Athletic Awards – Secondary School & Community





Applicant’s Check List

I have enclosed:   1. Application Form ____  2.  Personal Statement ____   3. Reference Statement _____

4. Athletic/Community Involvement ____  5. Acceptance to a university or college for Sept if available ___

The information on this application and the attached documents is accurate and authentic.


Applicant’s Signature                                                                             Date: ________________


Download Application Doc     Ross Quigley Youth in Sport Award Application 2023.docx

Download Application PDF    Ross Quigley Youth in Sport Award Application 2023.pdf

Download Application ODT    Ross Quigley Youth in Sport Award Application 2023.odt



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